Tabby cat

This a cute little Tabby Cat!!

Tabby Cats are not really a breed of cat. You may think that are a breed of cat, but the word tabby, when you are talking about a cat really is a color pattern of the cats stripes, like maybe swirls, or orange or brownish tones, or like grayish dots. The word tabby can also be used in a genertic way, to describe the cat, like when you say the word hound, to describe a dog. The tabby cat, also is also sometimes called the tiger cat, two names for the same thing! In the 15 and 1600's, the word tabby, meant, female cat, and the female cat belonged to a witch! The Makeral Tabby patters, are vertical patterns along the sides of it's body. The stripes are narrow, and may be broken into bars, on the flanks and the stomach. An M shape appears on the forehead and near it's eyes. I used to have a Tabby Cat. I named him Oscar. I got him from the Cleveland APL, which is in Ohio, where I live!